ACID Launch: Using Technology To Fight Corruption In Nigeria

On June 20th 2013, West African NGO Network (WANGONeT) launched a web portal called AntiCorruption Internet Database (ACID), Nigeria’s first web repository for all corruption related issues in the country.


“Honesty and accountability for National Transformation and Development”

Here is an interesting paper presented by students of a public secondary school in Nasarawa state during a symposium organized by Center for Educational Empowerment and Orientation CEEO.


“Honesty and accountability for National Transformation and Development”


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Niger Delta Women’s Movement for Peace and Development should be heard

Caroline Usikpedo, the national director of the Niger Delta Women’s Movement for Peace and Development, has something important to say. But she’s not speaking for herself, she’s speaking for women who have been forced from their homes by oil spills.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) TRACK Portal and Anti-Corruption Legal Library

As prosecutors and law enforcement agencies strengthen their efforts to combat corruption, a new database is logging government efforts to implement legislation that supports anti-corruption and asset recovery. The UNODC in 2011 launched a web-based anti-corruption portal known as TRACK (Tools and Resources for Anti-Corruption Knowledge).


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ACT against corruption!

People often think that corruption is "just a way of life", but every society, sector and individual would benefit from saying "NO" to this crime.

Here are some examples of how you can say "NO" to corruption. Follow this  link for a complete Call to Action Matrix.

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Corruption in Human Trafficking and Migration

The just concluded campaign against irregular migration and human trafficking in Nigeria outlined corruption as one of the major barrier to curbing the menace among young people. The campaign project being funded by Institute for Public and Policy Research, Uk was implemented by Human Support Services – a non-governmental organization working at the grassroots level.

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Impact of MDGs Projects on Nigerians

MDGs projects were started with the aim of fulfilling the Vision 20:20. The fund for these projects was part of the debt relief granted to Nigeria by the Paris Club and those she owes. A lot of fund has been spent on these projects so as to improve the lives of the Nigerian populace. Some of the projects are completed, some has been abandoned, and some are still ongoing. Some of the completed project were well-done while some are substandard that is the money sent on it is not commensurate with the final outcome.

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Using tinted Glass in Nigeria

The furore over the issue of tinted glass for cars has risen to its crescendo, this has taken the front burner in recent times. The Inspector General of Police of Nigeria informed the public that anyone who is using or wants to use tinted glass should get a permit for it. Few weeks ago, the Inspector General of Police also informed the public that permit for tinted glass is free, there are no charges for it. Some people have already paid for the permit, will there be refund for them?

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Corrupt practices exist around the world; it is like a canker-worm that delights in feeding on its host without minding what the host is going through. Corruption is being dishonest for personal gain and at the expense of others; corruption defiles a country. Apart from sports, one other thing that unites Nigerian citizens is the war against corruption. Corruption has been generally accepted as evil and responsible for the nation’s gross underdevelopment.

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corruption in judiciary system

Corruption is an endemic disease that has eaten up every facet of the Nigeria society. it has cripple our nation, reduced our citizen to poverty and deprived our nation of many sustainable development, it has blinded most of our leader that they cannot even see beyond their noses. Perhaps these leaders do not realize the real impact of their acts, deeds and behavior to our country, to work ethic of our people and to the attitude of our younger generation, not to talk of how we are viewed by the world at large.

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