In the Name of Consolidation and Advancement - Excepts of Analyzed Kaduna State 2013 Budget

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In Kaduna State, the Accountant General’s Annual Reports show that budget implementation has been poor on account of serious shortfalls of revenues over planned expenditure. This trend became worse in Kaduna State especially from 2005, when revenue receipts were 34% less than budgeted. The gap between the budget and revenue receipts continued to increase, the shortfall being 42% in 2006, 56% in 2007, 59% in 2008, 55% in 2009 and 63% (capital receipts only) in 2010. While budgets have been more technically sound, their implementation has not been efficient. It is within this context that the following analysis of the 2011 budget proposal for Kaduna State is made. However, the presentation will focus mainly on the capital expenditure. 

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