Rivers South East Senetorial District Stakeholders Round-table on Budget Monitoring For Sustainable Development

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The rountable stakeholders roundtable on budget monitoring for sustainable development (Rivers South East Senatorial District) took place at the Khana Local Government Council lodge on the 19th of September 2005.The roundtable session took off with the arrival and registration of the participants. The recognition and invitation of members of the high table and introduction of the participants and resource persons followed and those in attendance included the Local Government Chairman, Hon Kingsley Legborsi Leh who was also the Chairman of the occasion, the vice chairman , Hon. Tambeke N. Gbarakoro, the permanent secretary Ministry of Women affairs , SIr O.B Deemua, HRH T.Y karikpo, the leader of legislative Assembly, Hon Gbara Erelo (JP), memebers of various CSO's as well as other stakeholders.

The roundtable session started with an opening prayer said by the L.G. Chairman and Chairman of the occassion, Hon. Legborsi Leh just before he processed to give the opening remarks. In his opening remark Hon. Legborsi kingsley Leh expressed gratitude to the CEDSI/World Bank team for bringing this project to their community. He gave a brief overview of how budget allocations were made and how projects to be executed were determined. He said inputs for the budget process is determined through the representatives of the people (councilor) from their various wards. Some projects such as schools, Health Centers , Cassava demonstration farm and procured materials for internet services has benn carried out by his administration. He also said that they made it a priority to meet the needs of those who are poverty prone. he welcome the CEDSI/World Bank efforts and prayed God to bless all those invoved. 

In the welcome address delivered by Mr. Robinson Elechi of CEDSI NIGERIA , he thanked the Chairman and his team for the attention given to the CEDSI team and for the participanting in the process towards achieving transperency and openness for sustainable development. In conclusion, he highlighted the objectives of the session and wished everyone present peaceful deliberations.

At the close of the papers presentation, the participants were then grouped for the communique session soon after this came the post evealuation questionnaire where the participants evaluated the organisation and content of the workshop (Sample of questionnaire and the result of findings attached) Finally, the results of the assessment done at the Khana LGA were presented to the house.

Clsoing formalities included the closing prayer and vote of thanks by Mr. Robinson Elechi of CEDSI- Nigeria where he thanked all the participants once again for their time and calm participation. He wished them all sfae journey back to their destinations. there was a group by all present and the session came to a close.

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