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The resources for enlightenment and information needed by any one or institution for tracking and monitoring financial crimes the world over have been graciously harnessed by organisations involved in the fight against these crimes. It is necessary to point to the fact that WANGONeT is also making availble through this web resource an array of other useful web resources on this global faceless and illegitimate industry.

Legal Advisory Programme

There are several intervention mechanisms designed and put in place by national governments, to assist victims of financial crimes and or operators of this business. Depending on the particular area of concentration, governments name this commission, agencies, and institutions in a manner reflecting its uppermost foucs.

UN Treaties and Resolutions

Since the turn of the century, the need for stringent codification of anticorruption laws has increased, with rise in corrutpion and ingeneus ways practising corruption. International and domestic focus on curruption has become more intense, apparently because of the devastation that the corrupt acts have visited upon generations an dcitizens of states, while it is treated with levity .

Money Laundering - 419

Advanced Fee Fraud is a criminal offence defined and punishable under section 419 of the Nigeria criminal code. The scam as it is now widely known, is initiated by syndicates with members in different parts of the world strategically located to implement their different tasks to ensure the success of the deals. As the name of the crime implied the fraudsters through deception obtain money or goods from the victims in advance in lure of a promised financial benefits accruable to the victims after the conclusion of the DEAL.

Money Laundering - Techniques

The intent of money laundering process is to convert illicit cash to a less suspicious form, so that the true source or ownership is concealed and a legitimate source is created. This process consists of three stages: Placement, Layering and Integration. Placement involves the physical disposal of cash being the proceeds of crime by depositing it with a financial institution. The second stage of layering transfers these deposited funds among various accounts, disguising the origin of the funds through a series of complex transactions.

Money Laundering - Deterrence

Several methods are now adopted by Nation States, Corporates and individuals in combating internatinal money laundry. Evidentially, traditional methods ofo laundry prevention may fall short of the ingeniuty of of those engaged in this trade, thereby requiering a level of intellectual engagement to evolve eefective prevetive startegies. The question then would be, can money laundry be prevented in its entirety and nipped on the board, or it can only be reduced?

Money Laundering - Meaning

Money laundering is the process by which criminals create the illusion that the money they are spending is actually theirs to spend. 

Bribery - Practices


This is the payment (in money or kind) that is given or taken in a corrupt relationship. To pay or receive a bribe is corruption per se, and should be understood as the essence of corruption.

Impact of Corruption


Democracy and good governance undermined
: By subverting rule of law, reducing accountability, corrupting elections, and reducing equal provision of government services
Government institutions eroded: By siphoning off resources, maintaining incompetent public officials, and making government procedures and regulations overly complex

Causes of Corruption



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