Fraudulent and Illegal collection of salary by Mrs M. Brown Njokanma, Auditor General, LG Delta State

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On the subject matters, Mrs Brown .M Njokanma is the Auditor General Local Government administration in the Delta State Civil Service. The said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma was employed into the Civil Service on the 1st day of November 1973 as a Miss Mary Aizebioje by a letter with reference No. CP.1064/7 dated 13th November, 1973. Upon her appointment, she was posted to the then Bendel Development and planning Authority, Benin City. (See attachment and marked as Annexure 1, A, A1 & B are copies of her letter of appointment and acceptance of offer of appointment).


By a letter dated 2nd November 1973, with reference No. BDP/P.279/10, the principal accountant of the then Bendel Development and Planning Authority was informed about the appointment of Miss Mary Aizebioje who is also one and the same person as Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma. Attached and marked as annexure II, is the said letter.


The Bendel Development and Planning Authority by another letter dated 16th February, 1976 with reference No. CPA 315/9 confirmed the appointment of Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma with effect from 1st October, 1975. Attached and marked as Annexure III is the document. The said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma applied for in-service training variously on (1) 9th September, 1976, (2) 3rd February, 1977 and (3) 23rd October, 1978 same were granted. Attached and marked as annexure VII are copies of the applications for in-service training and other documents evidencing the said training. However, upon being employed by the Bendel Development and Planning Authority, Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma completed a personal data information sheet wherein she stated clearly that her date of birth is 12th December, 1956 (See attached annexure 1.1).


Despite this clear and unequivocal documentary evidence, the date of first appointment and date of her birth has severally been falsified either by said the Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma herself of same done in collusion with her agents. The said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma has severally falsified her date of birth and that of appointment to continue in this fraudulent act. Contrary to the evidence referred to as Annexure I, II, III, a senior staff list was published on 1st April, 1987 (official document 5 of 1987) where it was fraudulently and wrongfully stated that her date of birth and date of appointment are 12/12/1957 and 14/8/1981 respectively, attached as Annexure IV in the said senior staff list.


Furthermore, contrary to annexure I, II, III and IV, the Delta State Government Senior Staff list of 31st December, 2006, fraudulently and wrongfully stated her date of birth and first appointment to be 12/12/1957 and 14/8/1983. Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma in the falsification of her date of birth and date of first appointment is to avert possible retirement and to gain pecuniary benefits from the Delta State Government, her employer. The said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma having been employed in 1973 ought to have retired since 2008 as the mandatory 35 years in service, (reckon from 1973 takes you to 2008). Having worked for 35 years as required by the law, the said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma ought to have retired from service and anything contrary is a fraud and illegal collections of salaries not due to her since 2008 till-date. The consequence of this is that the tax payer’s money is being used and has been collected by Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma for the past years, the salaries she does not deserve and should have been put into the other laudable projects in Delta State.


The fact that Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma sat for the confirmation/promotions in 1982 shows in essence that she was employed in 1973 as outlined above because she couldn’t have been employed in 1981 and wrote the examination on 1982 and her date of 1st appointment confirmed to take effect from 1st October, 1975. Furthermore in 1992, the then Head of Civil Service suspecting the said falsification of the date of 1st appointment, by a letter dated 8th July 1992 with reference No. S 47/1/15 intimated the Auditor General that the promotion of the said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma has been deferred until the production of the date of confirmation. Attached and marked annexure V is the said letter. Upon receipt of this letter, the Auditor General then had no choice than to produce the letter of confirmation of 1st appointment of the said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma which he forwarded vide letter dated 21st July 1992 with Reference No. C.13. This said letter eventually settled the controversy in and over the date of confirmation of her 1st appointment, thus also confirming that the said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma is one and the same person as Miss Mary Aizobioje.


Based on the backdrop of the foregoing, we appeal to the independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), to investigate this matter and ask the said Mrs. Brown .M. Njokanma to retire forthwith and in accordance with the extant rules, and to refund all salaries collected illegally and fraudulently from the coffers of Delta State Government.

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