Centre for Grassroot Development and Crime Prevention

Centre for Grassroot Development and Crime Prevention

Thematic Area: Public Project Monitoring


Advocacy around the quality and theprocesses of initiation, implementation and completion of public projects.

About Us

Centre for Grassroots Development and Crime Prevention (CGDCP) was founded in Abuja in 2006, by people from wide and range of professional background who for many years had been participating in other initiatives taken by the civil society.

CDGCP was integrated as a corporate body with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC) on the 10th of June 2010 with Registration Number CAC/IT/NO38928. It is established to encourage and promote the participation of the citizens at their socioeconomic environment.

CDGCP undertake programmes in Good Governance, Economic Literacy, Environment, Peace building Resources Mobilsation, Prevention of Crime and Social Vises, Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Projects, Mentoring and Advocacy.

The organizations has been working in Abuja, Imo, Rivers, Anambra Enugu and have managed activities across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

Working with local Communities and Civil Society Organzations, Government Agencies, Private sectors State and National Governments.

Focusing on sustainable development, Economic empowerment, Anti corruption campaigns and prevention of Criminal activities in the society.

Commitment to the ACID Project

- To provide information on infrastructure projects in Imo State.


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