Report on promoting Ethical Values and Behaviours conducted for parents,students and youth of Akwa Ibom State

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Objectives of the workshop include:

-To foster networking and good practices in the Education Sector.

-To ensure Integrity and limit un-ethical behaviors within the educational sector.


The workshop gathered 100 participants. The workshop included discussions, plenary and experience sharing and practical challenges.


The education sector including the teaching and learning of ethical values and behaviours is regarded today as a strategy for fighting corruption, but in a corrupt environment such as ours education cannot successfully promote ethical values and behaviours. It is therefore of vital importance to ensure integrity and limit unethical behaviours among students, parents, and teachers in the educational sector.

-          Parents should stop the use of unorthodox means to Influence their children or wards admission to Federal Government Secondary Schools commonly referred to as Unity schools.

-          Let the high Jamb score needed for admission into Nigerian universities not lead to cheating by some students and parents, likewise coaching centres that charge exorbitant fees to guaranty a minimum score of 300 in the jamb and therefore connive with the Jamb Officials to carry out exam malpractices.

-          Within the university system, some students resort to “sorting” (finding ways of purchasing of high and unmerited marks from a lecturer in order to enhance the grade in their final examinations).

-          Lecturers should stop the sales of hand-outs and threaten students to buy in place of talking of test


In order to prevent corruption from happening at all, we should emphasis transparency, integrity, and accountability in all private and public domain especially the education sector.

 The Achanism Model is named for Achan who appears in the Old Testament of the Bible. Achan in the scripture was avaricious (Joshua 7). He was caught and his entire family was severely dealt with. His children, who might have expected to inherit the proceeds of his illegal act, were not allowed to do so. The solution is as follows:

  •  Social Transformation: Transformation in education of the public is a necessary factor in social transformation. There is need for formation and reformation, orientation and re-orientation of the minds and heart of Akwaibomites, for them to see that corruption is the enemy of development.
  • Enforcement of Anti-Corruption Law. The law should be enforced to its fullest and without fear and favour.
  •  Awareness creation for parliamentarians on education/ basic school management procedures and among parents and school management committees on basic school management procedures deemed useful.



Corruption in Nigeria is systematic, and to address the problem; a Right Based approach is required to strengthen the system in our society. To curb and eventually eradicate corruption, children, youth, students, parents, teachers and adults must be given the power to distinguish right from wrong. All schools should return to the teaching moral education to empower students with the spirit of stewardship, while adults live exemplary lives, reflecting truth, kindness, dignity of labour, and integrity.

Women’s Initiative was able to gather 40 students, 20 parent, 20 teachers and 20 lecturers from various post primary and tertiary institutions within and outside Uyo for the workshop. Parents, guardians and students were happy that a workshop of this nature was carried conducted.

Our program has been accepted by all our stakeholders in the areas that we work as they had sent in representatives from different schools to be a part of the workshop and the representatives promised to do a step-down training to others who were not opportune to attain the workshop.

Finally  Women’s Initiative for Self Actualization thank the Ministry of Women Affairs for their support in creating awareness in five(5) secondary schools and one(1) tertiary Institution which help  increase attendance during the workshop.

A big thank you goes to Akwa Ibom State Government for allowing us use the facility without pay.   













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