NARRATIVE REPORT of the 2013 Resource Governance Index (RGI)

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NARRATIVE REPORT of the 2013 Resource Governance Index (RGI)


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May 2013





Zero Corruption Coalition (ZCC), Publish What You Pay-Nigeria (PWYP-Nigeria) and Say No Campaign–Nigeria join the rest of the world to launch The 2013 Resource Governance Index (RGI) held on Wednesday May 15, 2013. An improved edition on the 2010 Revenue Watch Index, the 2013 RGI measures the quality of governance in oil, gas and mining sector of 58 countries around the globe. The 58 countries assessed in the index produce 85% of the world’s petroleum, 90% of the diamond and 80% of copper. The profits of the extractive sector of the countries totaled over $2.6 trillion in 2010.


RGI represents a diagnostic tool that helps identify good practices and the challenges they face in the management of their natural resources. The future of the countries evaluated depends largely on how well they manage their natural resources.


Objectives of the press conference


  1. To bring information to the general public on the ratings of Nigeria, at least from an independent body
  2. To call on the good citizens of Nigeria and all stakeholders to engage, and use the data to hold her leaders accountable. 
  3. To call on the Federal government; anticorruption agencies to also wake up to their responsibilities in order to safe guide our God given resources.


There was an introduction of dignitaries to the high table by the ZCC Programme Officer. The following were called to the high table:


  1. Auwal Ibrahim Musa- Chair ZCC Steering Committee
  2. Ezenwa Nwagwu- Convener Say No Campaign-Nigeria
  3. Babatunde Adegbesan Member Publish What You Pay-Nigeria
  4. Dr. Orji Ogbonaya Orji- Director of Communication NEITI


Opening Remarks


The opening remark was delivered by the RWI Country Coordinator, Mr. Dauda Garuba. In his address he gave the background to the report and explained the process that lead to the index. He said the index was accomplished with efforts of 46 researchers who gathered the original data clustered in four key components with indicators. The key components are:

  1. Institutional and Legal Setting with 10 indicators
  2. Reporting Practices with 20 indicators
  3. Safeguards and Quality Controls with 15 indicators
  4. Enabling Environment with 5 indicators.


He said the future of the countries evaluated depends largely on how well they manage their natural resources, the RGI represents a diagnostic tool that helps identify good practices and the challenges they face in the management of their natural resources. Dauda also reminded the gathering that the report is just to collaborate what an average Nigerian understand about the rot practices in the extractive industries generally.


Press Release


After the background from Dauda, Mr. Auwal Ibrahim Musa read through the text before the representatives of the media and CSOs that present. Find attached the copy of the press statement.


Nigeria Extractive Transparency Initiative (NEITI)


Another key stakeholder that attended the press conference was the Director of Communication of NEITI in the person of Dr. Orji Ogbonaya Orji, who appreciated the efforts of RWI Country office for following the trend in the extractive sector. In his remarks he said the report is a target for NEITI and promised that NEITI will study the report at secretariat for further engagement with policy makers for public demand for agitation and also see the impact of the report as an agency working in the area of extractive industries.


The Director of Communication also mentioned that NEITI will appreciate more engagement from CSOs on remediation identified in the NEITI report as a way of stepping up action on the NEITI recommendations. He also said if Nigeria is to get it right in order to make the impact of the index felt in the subsequent report, we should all play our roles In the current PIB before the National Assembly for quick passage. He mentioned that the memorandum submitted by NEITI on the PIB was done by the experts engaged by NEITI in order to have a comprehensive memorandum.     




As civil society coalitions working on anti-corruption and effective governance of natural resource in Nigeria, ZCC, PWYP-Nigeria and Say No Campaign–Nigeria welcome the 2013 RGI being simultaneously launched by Revenue Watch Institute across the world today and commend the efforts of the RWI in its onerous task of promoting transparent and accountable governance of oil, gas and mining revenues for the public good across countries and regions around the world.  We encouraged our leaders to embrace the best practices, so that the next report will not only reduce in ranking but have positive impact on entire citizens. 


The report was then officially launched the Resource Governance Index and the programme ends.




The programme was attended by representatives of media practitioners from both prints and electronics, while the press statement was disseminated on various listserves both locally and internationally for wider dissemination. Attached are few of the newspaper clips that reported the press convrence.




ZCC on behalf other CSOs appreciates the gesture from RWI and OSIWA and look for more robust partnership.

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