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As more and more people move into the towns and cities in search of economic opportunities, particularly employment, the present State government and local authorities are faced with the challenge of guiding the upsurge in the ensuing physical growth, and providing adequate services for the increasing urban population. In recent times, the rate of physical expansion of the settlements and share number of people requiring services has overwhelmed the capacity of governments to manage the upsurge. Without doubt, we are in the “urban age” in which city life will dominate and unless we are innovative and pro-active the quality of life will continue to decline in the emerging cities. With 5.8% average national urban population growth rate, experts have projected that Nigeria’s urban population will rise above 60 percent by 2025.


Ondo state is most likely to have more than the national average because of the disposition of its people to agglomerate and live in towns and cities. Unfortunately, the wide gap between the rate of urban expansion and the capacity of government to provide infrastructure and services, as well as the back log of needs arising from past neglect of existing infrastructure, have all combined to accelerate the growth of slums across the state. One of the stark realities of a rapidly urbanizing world is that the locus of poverty is shifting to the towns and cities.


Poverty is already becoming a severe and pervasive feature of urban life. If we hope to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, then we must address the problems of declining quality of urban life, particularly the growing slums and the plight of the urban poor. In Ondo State, urban renewal is a major redevelopment tool in turning the fortune of the towns and cities around in order to ensure significant improvement in the quality of life of the people. Within the comprehensive urban renewal programme of this present Labour Party administration, they are able to touch and impact meaningfully on the lives of a greater majority of the urban dweller in the state.


This platform provides considerable opportunity to work with the people in order to meet the demands of a modern city life. The task of making the towns and cities a better place for work and leisure, along with the inseparable task of reducing urban poverty in the State, can only be achieved through shared vision and collective effort. “The Caring Heart” agenda of this administration provides an excellent platform for partnerships and collective effort at ameliorating the living conditions of the urban dwellers. This administration is responding to the challenges of urban development under a new paradigm that will foster the emergence of decent, efficient, equitable and sustainable human settlements in the state.

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