Report on MDGs in Osun state

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The MDG project spanning 2009-2012 was awarded to contractors and theses project runs into millions of naira. Some of the projects were completed, some were ongoing as at the time of the field visit while some does not even exist. The ones that were completed some of the projects were substandard and might in the long run injurious to the people using them, some of the project has stopped working barely two years after they were completed some even said the project stopped working few days after the project was said to be completed by the contractor.

The most baffling of the entire project is that of Upgrading of existing health post to PHCs, this project does not exist in the whole of Osun East Senatorial District. For instance, this project was supposed to be carried out in Eti-Oni Ward 5, Arewa/Aladodo the project was worth 15200000 but how over 15million was spent remains to be seen, the same with other places where this kind of project was supposed to be done but was not carried out due to  some mysterious reasons.  This is how millions of naira is lost every year due to corruption that has become the order of the day in our country. Corruption has become how we live our lives and we are not sorry about it because if you decide not to be corrupt you are on your own and this is what we have to deal with in this country everyday. The upgrading of existing health post to PHCs was suppose to improve the lives of people in the community especially the rural area but due to the selfishness of some people who refuse to do what they are paid for this is not happening. Instead of doing what they are paid for they line their pockets with the money and spend on other things. This is not right and has to be dealt with. The MDG projects  are very good project, therefore the government should make sure that those people the contract are given to are reliable and are the one that will do a good job. This will in turn improve the lives of the people in our society especially in the rural area and this will help the country to grow.  

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Eti-Oni Ward 5, Arewa/Aladodo , Osun
Report on MDGs in Osun state
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